Incredibles 2 – Incredible Indeed (Movie Review)

Incredibles 2' was worth the 14-year wait, writes Rohit Bhasy


It has taken 14 Years since Incredibles, the first instalment, for the makers to come up with a sequel. Has it been worth the wait?

Incredibles 2 begins from where The Incredibles ended. Mr. Incredible (Craig T Nelson) is taking on the Underminer, the earth digging rodent-villain, with the help of his wife Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) and Frozone (Samuel Jackson),  but Underminer manages to escape, looting a bank in the process. The ordeal has left half the city destroyed and the ‘Supers’ are held responsible for the damages. The government deems all the ‘Supers’ illegal and the program is shut down. The family, including Dash (The Superfast Kid), Violet (The kid with force field powers) and Jack Jack (the most exciting superhero kid) move onto live a ‘Normal’ life, away from the limelight. But they need to earn to make a living. 

It’s Disney, It’s Pixar! That combination is hard to beat!

Enter Devtech, the company owned by siblings Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) and Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener). Winston wants to unite all the ‘Supers’ for the greater good of mankind. Evelyn is the brains behind the tech that helps the ‘Supers’ to be seen favourably by the public. Elastigirl is the chosen one to launch the initiative. This leaves Mr. Incredible to look after the kids. Things turn ugly with the entry of Screenslaver, the nemesis in this instalment who hypnotises people using screens. How the incredibles discover the identity of the Screenslaver and save the day forms the rest of the story.


The best moments in this movie are the ones involving the three kids. We did get a glimpse of Jack Jack’s super powers towards the end of Incredibles the first instalment, but this one gives us a laundry list of Jack Jack’s potential. All scenes involving Jack Jack are downright fun and adorable to say the least. Add to this Dash’s antics and Violet’s Big Sister Act, it’s easy to see the potential that The Incredibles has to add more movies to the franchise.

So…Has the 14 year wait been worth it? 


It’s Disney, It’s Pixar! That combination is hard to beat!

Rating – 3.5/5

Review by : Rohit Bhasy

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