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Amchi Mumbai News portal features realtime News, events, lifestyle, bollywood and also updates city style weekly Malayalam shows in Kairali TV & People TV . The News updates from and about the Malayali diaspora in the city of Mumbai focusing 30 lakhs of Malayalees living in Maharashtra. Amchi Mumbai is the largest and exclusive compact News portal with fast networks and highest standards of creativity and production excellence.

Why Amchi Mumbai ?
A Movement all set to win over 30 Million Malayalees Worldwide. An opportunity to build your brand globally. Brand and Promotions: The Cutting Edge of Marketing An opportunity to speak to the most powerful consumer market in the country. Aamchi Mumbai focusing the Financial capital of India commands excellent global interest.

Double Bonanza with Amchi Mumbai

Mumbai being the Financial capital of India. Plus Global Audience in Middle East, USA, UK, Singapore etc. The only State in India where both urban and rural population figure in the National Readership Survey. Lifestyle indicators stand clearly above the national average pointing to: a booming market very high brand proliferation a fast growing rate of disposable incomes a very high rate of consumption a discerning people

The Cutting Edge of Opportunity
If Kerala is the dream market of any advertiser, Kairali is the perfect medium for your message.Over 10 million Malayalees in Kerala and five million more outside the State and in the Middle East tune into the satellite signals everyday. And with its balanced blend of infotainment Kairali is bound to cut through the clutter and become their absolute favourite.In turn, providing the cutting edge your advertisements cannot do without.

Mumbai-The Thrust area
Mumbai has been the financial capital of the country and has been enjoying a muliti-dimensional priority, sever since it became the British Megapolis in the 17th centuary.It has a very diverse population of multi regional and linguistic origin. The then Bombay or Mumbai of the present days has seen the heavy migration of Malayalee from early 20th century. A rough assessment, estimates that about 3 million Keralites have made Mumbai and Maharashtra as their home. Power of Purchase Mumbai is second only to Kerala in its density of Malayalee population now. As per the Census (2001) Mumbai has 1.2% of the total Malayalee population. It is estimated that more than 8% of the Malayalees living here are rated to be in the highest range of income, while 25% upper middle class, about 40% the middle class group and the remainder venders and low income workers. The city has more than 250 registered Malayali organisations catering to the social, religious and even economic needs of Keralites living here.The Central Kerala Samajam is the pivotal agency among them